Cassina | Point of you | 2022

For the Cassina design brand, we followed the production of video interviews for the 2022 Social Campaign.

A series of interviews with the designers who created their products in collaboration with the brand.

We imagine a storytelling that allows us to tell all the different nuances of Cassina, starting right from its values and enhancing them consistently, underlining its relationship with the world of design and its protagonists: in this way the brand itself will become the meeting point between them.

We worked on a rich color palette, keeping the shape of the projected square as a common thread.
We set the interviews in settings bathed in coloured light and the products were also filmed with a setting consistent with the interview.

The interviews open with portraits played on coloured lights and shadows.

The videos are enriched with animated keywords and sound effects that underline the main concepts of the interview.


Client: Cassina
Agency: Different
Production & Post Production: Twoshot