Ferrari Trento is a brand with a complex identity: a long tradition that has its roots in the territory, in the daily gestures of the winemakers and in the ancient cellars and a modern soul that is expressed in the collaboration with the grand prix and in the iconic elegance of this wine.

We have expressed this short circuit between modernity and tradition through a work of projections that alternate and merge the two souls of Ferrari.

The models that move in space, immersed in a flurry of projections, embody the elegance of the product, the worlds that are evoked around them represent the brand’s heritage and a look towards modernity.

We made a Hero video that was broadcast on the occasion of the grand prix, while the rest of the footage was used to produce the content that populates the Ferrari Instagram page.


Ferrari Trento in collaboration with Formula 1
Director: Federico Monti represented by Caos18
DoP: Alessandro Crovi
Hair and make-up: Barbara Ciccognani
Stylist: Francesca / Rafaela

Creative Agency: Wunderman Thompson
Creative Directors: Alessandro Polia, Marco Rocca
Video Editor: Diego Ricci
Copywriter: Marta Frassanito
Art Director: Elena Pinillos
Team Account: Antonia Piergiovanni, Valeria Prada, Annie Cantone
Senior TV Producer: Virginie Alexandre
Social Media Manager: Sumeya Bendebka

Produced by Caos18
Executive Producer: Osvaldo Tronconi
Producer: Vittoria Delle Foglie