Short Film | The Day After

The story is set up in a world where people have not been outside for years and had no more contact with each other.
They have been living in the fear of the outside world, feeling protected only in their own sterilised world. Then the day arrives, they can meet. But after years of separation, there is this strange feeling of excitation and anxiety, of desire and fear of the other.


Director: Lisa Carletta
Cinematographer: Stefano Grilli
Executive Producer: Federico Monti
Editor: Diego Ricci
Starring: Jack Olivier Ryan
Featuring: Valentina Re
Stylist: Dinalva Barros
Music Composer: Ludovico Schilling
Set Designer: Michela Croci
Production Supervisor: Adriana Penati
MuA: Lucia Giacomin
Costume Designer: Giuseppe Iaconic
Stylist Assistant: Giorgia Ossola
Colorist: Claudio Beltrami
VFX: Andrea Arnaldi
1st Assistant Camera: Daniela Bellu
Sound Design and Mix: Fabrizio Checchinelli, Sample
Light Assistant: Tommaso Todisco
Electrician: Paolo Pastaccini
Brands: Marios, Mezulic, Marine Serre, Cristiano Burani

Photo by Lisa Carletta